Review: Volvo XC60 D4 Momentum

One can comprehend my surprise and shock that, upon returning home to Cape Town for the September holidays, I discovered that the old man had gone car shopping in my absence. How dare he! How dare he exclude me, the self-proclaimed motoring guru of the family, from the selection and process of finding a new... Continue Reading →


Review: Toyota Etios 1.5 Sprint sedan

So, a little personal history. During the eighteen months it took me to go from having a learners to a drivers, I had made use of four different cars on my way to becoming the competent and law-abiding motorist that I claim to be. The range was wide, from my sister’s Tata Indica (no direction... Continue Reading →

Review: Toyota Yaris 1.5 Pulse

We live in an ever-changing strange world, ladies and gentlemen. A world where celebrities and politicians can be one of the same, and where kids can enjoy an ice cream sundae served in a bowl made of bacon (yes, the Bacon Bowl is a real thing, and may our deities show us mercy for it).... Continue Reading →

Review: Toyota CH-R 1.2 Plus

Okay, I need to provide some context. In the same week that I had the chance to take the Toyota CH-R out for a test drive, it was preceded by a test drive of Hyundai’s new Creta. This is important to note, as these two cars are priced very nearly the same, and are aimed... Continue Reading →

Review: Hyundai Creta 1.6 Executive Auto

Being a resident of a major South African city, I can completely understand the appeal of the urban cruiser. A mini-SUV that handle of the day’s shopping, having being done just before dropping the kids off at rugby practice, all the while sipping petrol like it was a cup of tea (why South Africans don’t... Continue Reading →

Rain, soapboxes and time trials

The weather that Sunday had decided to put on a performance typical to that of the City of Saints. Rain, then shine, then rain again bore down on the Settlers Monument, the only consolation being that the majority of the day’s activities would be taking place indoors. Albeit for one. Nestled in the front alcove,... Continue Reading →

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