Car of the Year: Predictable nonsense

  I’m going to let you in a bit of secret when it comes to motoring journalism. Though I’m sure it may come as a shock to some of you, but like film critics or people who supposedly can differentiate the vintage between two identical bottles of wine by simply sniffing it, test driving cars... Continue Reading →


The SUV: Reminders and criticisms

Many of you dear readers may not recall this, but in my review of the Hyundai Creta a few months back, I took a few shots at how the preferred type of car for the commuting city soccer mom was a either a mini- or regular-sized SUV, even though the majority of SUVs driven by... Continue Reading →

Extra, extra! Don’t fall for the extras!

At the end of July, CAR Magazine ran an online story into how using the configurator on the German automaker's website, they took a base-model BMW 3-Series and attempted to make it as expensive as possible by way of optional packages and equipment. the result of this little experiment was that this luxury sedan, which... Continue Reading →

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