Photo feature: 2017 Porsche Parade East London

Mickey Plagis of Johannesburg smiles as his Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet is lined up for the next time-trial run at East London Grand Prix Circuit. This weekend saw the Eastern Cape cities of Bisho and East London playing host to the Porsche Club's Annual Parade, sponsored by ExxonMobil. Sunday's itinerary saw 105 Porsche  drivers take part in... Continue Reading →


The Arch reading list

Being a motoring reporter means that one must be able to or have an interest in cars that goes beyond expected conventions. I'm talking about stories, the legends, the facts that grab the attention of your drinking buddies at the pub. In order to gain that knowledge, certain people, publications, and even cars must be... Continue Reading →

Rain, soapboxes and time trials

The weather that Sunday had decided to put on a performance typical to that of the City of Saints. Rain, then shine, then rain again bore down on the Settlers Monument, the only consolation being that the majority of the day’s activities would be taking place indoors. Albeit for one. Nestled in the front alcove,... Continue Reading →

Road Warrior of the Winelands

It was time to go shopping, and as always, I beat my mother to the car. As fast as my thin legs can transport me, I’m in the passenger seat of the Ikon, impatiently waiting for Mom to get in, switch the ignition on, and reverse up the short but steep driveway up to the... Continue Reading →

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